Face ID Not Working ‘Move iPhone Lower’- 8 Fixes to Try

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Are you frustrated with your Face ID not working and constantly getting the error message “Move iPhone lower”? A universal challenge can cause significant annoyance, especially if face recognition is utilized for quick and trustworthy device entry.

Relax, as our professionals are here to offer assistance and enable your Face ID once more.

The game-changing Face ID capability by Apple streamlines iPhone security measures. However, it has flaws, and users may encounter troubles such as the “Move iPhone lower” error.

This error typically occurs when the user holds the device too high, preventing Face ID from properly scanning their face. Identifying the reasons behind the error and acquiring the skills to repair it will result in a faultless and trustworthy Face ID experience.

An examination of the factors responsible for the “Face ID Not Working ‘Move iPhone Lower” error will be conducted in this article. Our solutions will enable you to identify and fix the error quickly, enabling Face ID to operate at its best.

Say goodbye to the frustration of Face ID not working and regain the convenience and security it offers. It’s time to confront this challenge and get acquainted with iPhone facial recognition problems and solutions. 

Understanding Face ID Technology

Face ID uses advanced facial recognition technology to create a detailed map of your face by projecting and analyzing over 30,000 invisible dots. This map is then stored securely on the device and used to compare against your face every time you attempt to unlock your iPhone or authenticate an action.

Common Face ID Issues

While Face ID is generally reliable and accurate, users occasionally need help with specific issues that prevent it from working correctly. These issues can range from slow recognition to complete failure in unlocking the device.

One such problem is the “Move iPhone Lower” error, which occurs when Face ID cannot recognize the user’s face properly.

Causes of the “Move iPhone Lower” Error

Several factors can contribute to the “Move iPhone Lower” error message:

Face Obstruction

The most common cause of the “Move iPhone Lower” error is when something obstructs your face during the authentication process. One can utilize a hand, piece of cloth, or strand of hair to hide a significant area of their countenance.

Accurate verification depends on Face ID getting a good look at these facial details.

Lighting Conditions

Poor lighting conditions can also lead to Face ID errors. Sufficient or uneven lighting can make it challenging for the TrueDepth camera to capture the necessary facial details accurately. Bright, direct light or dimly lit environments might negatively impact Face ID’s performance.

Software Glitch

Sometimes, a software glitch within the iOS or Face ID system may cause the “Move iPhone Lower” error. Glitches can happen for various reasons, such as incomplete software updates or conflicts with third-party apps.

Dirty Camera Lens

A dirty or smudged camera lens can interfere with the accuracy of Face ID. Properly viewing the user’s face is crucial for the TrueDepth camera system’s optimal functioning. Maintaining the lens in good condition is fundamental for capturing exceptional images.

Troubleshooting Steps for “Move iPhone Lower” Error

If you encounter the “Move iPhone Lower” error, watch this video and try the following troubleshooting steps before getting in touch with Apple support. 

Now, have a look at some of the useful tips and tricks

1. Check for Obstructions

Ensuring a clear path between your face and the authentication mechanism is essential. Use the correct holding technique to allow the camera to capture your features.

2. Improve Lighting Conditions

Move to an area with better lighting conditions. Natural light or well-lit indoor environments generally provide the best results for Face ID.

3. Restart Your iPhone

A simple restart can often resolve minor software glitches. Turn off your iPhone, then momentarily halt its functions before activating it again.

4. Update iOS and Apps

Ensure your iPhone’s operating system and all relevant apps are current. Software updates often include bug fixes that may resolve Face ID issues.

5. Contacting Apple Support

If none of the troubleshooting steps works, it’s best to contact Apple Support for further assistance. They can help diagnose the issue and provide appropriate solutions.

6. Face ID Security and Privacy

While Face ID is useful, numerous consumers are concerned about the security and privacy consequences. It’s critical to realize that Face ID data is encrypted and securely saved on the device rather than in the cloud. Apple is dedicated to preserving consumer data and ensuring its customers’ privacy.

7. Enabling ‘Alternate Appearance’

iOS offers the option to set an “Alternate Appearance” for Face ID. This allows you to enrol on a second appearance that the system recognizes. Enabling this feature can improve Face ID recognition under different conditions.

8. Touch ID 

Consider setting up fingerprint recognition as an additional authentication method for iPhone models with Touch ID.


Face ID is a fantastic piece of technology that improves the level of safety and usability of our iPhones. However, customers may experience problems such as the “Move iPhone Lower” error, which can easily be remedied by following the troubleshooting procedures in this article.

Users can continue to enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary feature by learning the technology behind Face ID and implementing the proposed fixes.


1. Can Face ID be fooled by a photograph?

No, Face ID is designed to detect and differentiate between a real face and a photograph. It uses depth mapping and infrared technology to ensure enhanced security.

2. Does Face ID work in the dark?

Yes, Face ID works in low-light conditions and the dark. The TrueDepth camera’s infrared sensors help it accurately recognize your face in various lighting environments.

3. Can multiple faces be registered for Face ID?

Face ID allows you to register multiple faces, making it convenient for users who share their devices with family members.