How to Fix Install Error 0x80070103: A Comprehensive List of Solutions and Workarounds

Are you getting an installation error with the code 0x80070103? Inconvenience arises when introducing a new program or upgrading your computer. Rest easy, as remedies are available to address the issue and re-establish your installation’s momentum.

Many users encounter this specific install error 0x80070103 with technology. This error typically arises when a driver or update does not align with your system. It is imperative to address this error promptly to prevent future problems and maintain smooth computer operation.

To resolve installation issue 0x80070103, multiple solutions are available. You can effectively address the issue and complete your installation without further complications by using the appropriate troubleshooting procedures and determining the main cause of the difficulty.

This post will look at several practical strategies for resolving the install issue 0x80070103 and getting your system back up and running.

What is Error 0x80070103?

This update issue typically occurs when a driver conflicts with your hardware configuration or an already installed driver hinders the installation of a new one. The drive cannot be installed due to compatibility concerns.

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Common Causes of Error 0x80070103

1. Mismatched Driver Versions

A discrepancy between the version of the driver you’re attempting to install and the version already present on your system might sometimes cause the issue. Windows Update recognizes this and blocks the installation to prevent conflicts.

2. Multiple Hardware Updates Concurrently

If you’re trying to install updates for multiple hardware components simultaneously, there’s a chance that these updates could interfere with each other, causing error 0x80070103.

3. Incomplete Previous Installation

The problem may arise from a failed or inadequate prior update installation. To avoid additional problems, the system may recognize that the update was not installed correctly and bar the installation of the updated version.

4. Third-Party Software Interference

Certain third-party software, particularly antivirus programs or system optimization tools, can interfere with Windows Update processes. This interference can trigger error 0x80070103.

5. Driver Compatibility Issues

Not every driver is compatible with every Windows iteration. The installation of an incompatible driver can lead to this error. 

Troubleshooting Solutions

Want to get rid of Windows update error 0x80070103, watch this video to get help in detail. 

1. Update Drivers Manually

You can manually download the most recent driver version from the manufacturer’s website and install it directly to get around version mismatch problems. Bypassing Windows Update in this way guarantees compatibility.

2. Install Drivers One at a Time

Install the drivers one at a time to avoid conflicts caused by numerous hardware updates. This allows you to isolate the driver responsible for the fault and address it without interfering with other updates.

3. Clear Update Cache

Clearing the Windows Update cache can resolve issues stemming from incomplete installations. Stop the Windows Update service, eliminate the SoftwareDistribution folder, and restart the service to accomplish this.

4. Disable Third-Party Software Temporarily

If you suspect third-party software is causing the error, temporarily disable your antivirus or other relevant programs, then attempt the update again.

5. Check Compatibility

Always check that the driver you’re attempting to install is compatible with your Windows version. On their websites, manufacturers frequently publish compatibility information.


Error message 0x80070103 might be frustrating, but you can easily overcome this issue by understanding its typical causes and troubleshooting methods. You’ll be on your way to a smooth-running system by manually upgrading drivers, installing them one at a time, emptying the update cache, disabling third-party applications, and confirming compatibility


1. What is Install Error 0x80070103?

This error occurs when there are conflicting or incompatible drivers on your system, often during hardware updates.

2. Can I install multiple hardware updates simultaneously?

Installing hardware updates one at a time is recommended to avoid conflicts that can trigger the error.

3. How do I clear the Windows Update cache?

Stop the Windows Update service, delete the SoftwareDistribution folder, and restart the service to clear the cache.

4. Are third-party software programs responsible for the error?

Yes, third-party software such as antivirus programs can interfere with Windows Update procedures, resulting in this error.

5. What must be done if no type of solution is effective?

If the error persists, consider seeking assistance from technical support or online communities for more personalized solutions.