RCA Universal Remote Codes- Ways to Program It

Do you have too many remote controls around your house and need help keeping track of them? If yes, you’re not alone. A universal remote control is a device that can simplify your life by replacing various remotes for different devices with a single one. 

The RCA universal remote control is a device that can make your home entertainment system more convenient. It is a popular device that offers a range of functions to enhance the user experience of their home entertainment system. 

These remote control devices can handle many electronic devices, making it easier to control your TV, DVD player, and other devices with a single remote. 

If you are looking for a simple solution to manage all your devices, a universal remote is the way to go. Programming it, however, can be a challenge.

But it doesn’t need to be. We will provide a comprehensive list of RCA universal remote codes and show you how to program your remote to work with all your devices easily.

Properties of RCA Universal Remote 

According to its name, the RCA universal remote control can control various devices independently of the manufacturer.

This remote is extremely useful if you possess a complicated home theatre setup with several connected and active devices.

You can control this device, saving you the clutter and inconvenience of using several remote controls. You have a greater opportunity to watch and relax in your home theatre in addition to the convenience it provides. 

Ability to Store Codes for Several Devices 

One of the great features of an RCA universal remote control is its ability to store codes for multiple devices. This means you can operate your media devices with a single touch of a button. 

With this feature, you won’t have to manually enter the codes every time you want to use a device – simply press the dedicated button on your remote, and the device will turn on or off as required.

Ability to be Programmed with Custom Settings 

This infers that you can customize the functions of your remote according to your needs, such as setting the volume for each device or creating macros that allow you to access multiple devices at once quickly.

Macro Commands

 Macro commands let you string a series of commands in one button press. For instance, you can set up a macro to turn on your TV, switch it to the right input, and start your streaming device all with one press.

Ways to program it 

Fortunately, setting up an RCA universal remote control requires simple steps. Since RCA is one of the most popular brands of universal remotes on the market, you may anticipate a seamless integration with many other brands. The entry of codes and their trial and error can take time.

Thus our technical experts would suggest you schedule time for programming. Its programming is a straightforward process. You can easily program it to control your TV, cable/satellite, Blu-ray/DVD player, and soundbar. You need to find the code for each device in the user manual and enter it into the remote using a series of buttons.

Here are Some Techniques you Can Use to Advance your RCA Universal Remote. 

Automatic Programming Technique 

The auto programme approach is the simplest and quickest way to connect your electronic gadgets with your universal remote control.

You must turn on the component or device you wish to set up, such as your TV, streaming gadget, Blu-ray player, etc. 

After that, push the TV button and then let go of it. The On and Off button on the RCA universal remote control will turn on and should stay lighted. 

The below-mentioned steps follow it- 

  1. Hold down both the On/Off and TV buttons simultaneously. The On/Off button will stop being lit. But after a while, it should come back on.
  2. After the On/Off button relights, push both buttons. It ought to be left on.
  3. Press and then let go of the RCA remote’s Play button. After five seconds are up, if the TV  is still on, press the Play button once every five seconds until it does. Potential TV codes are being looked up by the remote.
  4. Your remote has identified the correct code when the TV shuts off. Press and then let go of the Reverse button next. Await the TV to switch on.
  5. Your remote has identified the correct code when the TV shuts off. Press and then let go of the Reverse button next. Press it once every three seconds till the TV comes back on as you watch to see whether it did.
  6. Press and release the stop button to save the device’s programming in your remote’s memory.

Direct code programming technique 

You’ll receive a special codebook with your RCA remote that you can use to enter different codes for a wide range of devices manually. Don’t be concerned if you misplace the booklet or unintentionally toss it away.

 We have your back. Here is a list of all your universal remote codes. You might need to find the “Revision Number” on your RCA universal remote before using this online tool.

Under the batteries, there is a sticker with this number on it. To access it, you must take off the battery cover.

The Bottom Line 

RCA universal remotes have been popular for many households due to their ease of use and compatibility with a wide range of devices. However, programming these remotes to work with your specific devices can take time and effort. 

Many individuals need help finding the correct codes to program their remote to work with their TV, DVD player, and other devices.