How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift: A Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Have you ever found yourself amid an extended gaming session when the character spontaneously starts floating over the screen unpredictably? When you play on a PlayStation 4, you likely know the frustrating issue of controller wandering.

Nevertheless, have no concerns; there are ways to this problem. These solutions can stop you from passionately launching your console controller towards the room’s far end.

Sony’s PS4 has been the preferred game platform for countless global gaming communities. But over time, some users have encountered a typical issue called controller drift.

Characters move independently due to the joystick on the controller beginning to register movement even when it is not touched. It’s a bothersome problem that has a big effect on gaming.

You do not have to suffer in silence if you’re bothered by PS4 controller drift. You can address this issue using several efficient methods and fixes and then resume enjoying uninterrupted gaming sessions.

We’ll look at some of the top solutions to quench your query, “How to fix PS4 controller drift” in this article so you can take back command of your gaming session.

Causes of Controller Drift

1. Normal Wear and Tear

The most common reason behind PS4 controller drift sensitivity is regular wear and tear. Over time, the internal components of the analogue sticks may degrade due to frequent use.

Dust and debris can also accumulate, affecting the controller’s sensitivity and causing unintended movements.

2. Environmental Factors

Environmental conditions can play a role in causing PS4 controller drift. High humidity levels or exposure to liquids, like spilt drinks, can seep into the controller and disrupt its functionality.

Additionally, excessive heat or cold temperatures may affect the controller’s sensitive components, leading to inaccuracies in input detection.

3. Manufacturer Defects

In some cases, PS4 controllers might have manufacturing defects contributing to the drift issue. Faulty soldering, poor quality control, or subpar components during production can all result in abnormal behaviour of the analogue sticks.

4. Software Glitches

Software glitches within the gaming console’s firmware or the game itself can also cause controller drift. If the firmware is outdated or corrupted, it might send incorrect signals to the controller, leading to unintended movements.

Game developers might occasionally release patches to address such issues.

Identifying Controller Drift

Before proceeding with the fix, it’s essential to identify whether your PS4 controller is experiencing drift. You can check this by accessing the controller settings on your PS4 console and observing any unintended movement of the analogue sticks.

Watch this video to know the fixes in detail. 

D.I.Y. Fixes for PS4 Controller Drift

1. Cleaning the Analog Sticks

Dust and dirt can build up inside the spaces around the analogue sticks over time, causing inconsistent movement. Take the following actions to address this:

  • Disconnect the controller and shut off your PS4 system.
  • To clean the area surrounding the analogue sticks’ bases, use a cotton swab bathed in rubbing alcohol.
  • Gently rotate the sticks to allow the alcohol to seep inside and dissolve any hidden debris.
  • Wipe off any excess alcohol and let the controller dry before reconnecting it.

2. Recalibrating the Controller

PS4 Controller drift recalibration may occur due to calibration issues. Follow these steps to adjust your PS4 controller:

  • Employ a USB cable to link the gamepad to the gaming system.
  • On your PlayStation 4, navigate to the settings menu, select the devices section, and subsequently, the gamepad settings.
  • To readjust the controllers, choose “Modify Analog Sticks” and stick to the guidance provided on the screen.

3. Updating the Firmware

To fix recognised problems with their controllers, Sony occasionally releases firmware updates. Follow these procedures to upgrade the firmware on your PS4 controller:

  • Use a USB cord to join the joystick to the PlayStation 4.
  • In your PlayStation 4, access “Options” and select “Peripherals,” and after that “Game controllers.”
  • To get assistance getting and setting up the updated software release, pick “Firmware Update”. Subsequently, stick to the prompts on your screen.

4. Replacing the Analog Sticks

If cleaning and recalibration don’t resolve the drift issue, the PS4 controller drifting hardware fix calls for replacing the analogue sticks.

You can purchase replacement sticks online and use a guide or tutorial to disassemble the controller and install the new sticks carefully.

Professional Assistance

If DIY fixes don’t resolve the controller drift problem, it might be time to seek professional assistance. To get your PS4 controller examined and fixed by professionals, contact Sony customer support or go to an authorised service location.


Although dealing with PS4 controller drift might be annoying, doing it quickly is necessary to guarantee the best possible gaming experience. You can frequently fix the issue using the DIY solutions described in this article.

However, don’t delay to discover expert guidance if the issue persists. Looking after your PlayStation 4 controller enhances your gaming sessions. This will further enhance the life expectancy of your adored gaming equipment.


1. How frequently should my PS4 controller be cleaned?

Cleaning your PS4 controller regularly is an excellent idea, especially if you experience any stickiness or drift concerns. Cleaning it every few months can help maintain optimal performance.

2. Why is my PS4 controller still drifting after calibration?

Calibration may not always fix drift issues if the problem is related to hardware wear or damage. In such cases, replacing the analogue sticks could be the best solution.

3.  Is controller drift a prevalent problem in all PS4 controllers?

Controller drift can occur in any electronic device with analogue sticks, but it’s not a universal issue. Some users may never experience drift, while others may encounter it after extended use.